Wooden Landscaps

Wood landscape is composed of natural wood, and the landscape effect is essentially different from steel and concrete. Wood is a soft material. Over time, algae, lichens and mosses will adhere to its surface to produce green rust and form a very natural visual effect;
The wood material is soft, easy to process, convenient and fast to assemble, and can flexibly form a delicate garden landscape, adding multi-form and changing effects to the node landscape;
Wood can not only create natural and ecological landscape effects, but also combine with different environmental landscapes to create more different artistic conception beauty. Many woods used in the landscape are selected from logs. The texture and color are true and simple. Its image and structure are usually processed freely, the structure is simple, and can be placed with the scene, so that the artificial landscape can be well integrated into the natural environment, better form the overall landscape, form the landscape artistic conception of the combination of human nature and natural ecology, and reflect the people-oriented design concept.

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木制景观Wooden Landscaps

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Preservative oil,long service life. Apply to Pavilion Court,squares,parks. Han..


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