HQ-WFC500-3000 waterfall

Custom made water curtain wall, stainless steel water wall, water dance screen, bubble wall, glass water curtain, the product is suitable for home decoration, home design, hotel decoration, Feng Shui partition, KTV decoration, horticultural landscape engineering, and water flows along the glass surface. Due to the transparency of water, it flows downward like a water curtain to form a silent flashing water curtain. In addition, the flowing water will wet the air, but will not spread everywhere. Through the control of air flow and the rendering of LED color changing light, and in water medium, It can produce fascinating aquarium bubble effect, make people enjoy from vision to mood, create fantastic light and shadow waterscape and create indoor Feng Shui effect. The waterfall can be used for viewing, space separation and interior design.

Huiqi fountain equipment Co., Ltd. has a professional design team, which can meet your needs in all aspects.

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